about us

Innovation and competence in systems' development

NEM, founded in 1995, is a valve manufacturer specialising in the development of hydraulic solutions for mobile, agricultural and industrial applications.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner, providing for our customers a state of the art service, delivered by highly qualified technical staff, to achieve customized solutions.

At NEM we are aware that the future of the hydraulic industry is in system engineering. We are therefore developing and manufacturing top quality products, which can be fully integrated into many different applications. NEM components ensure the highest level of performance and safety in any application; this, together with our focus on innovation, has gained us the trust and appreciation of leading machine manufacturers worldwide.

NEM firmly believes that its internal synergy ensures that all customers receive the most efficient and effective service. This is why, each and every day, we explore advances in industry related knowledge, discuss solutions, and bring into play all our expertise to ensure we are utilizing the most advanced technologies.

In order to provide our customers with the highest possible quality, NEM employs some of the most skilled professionals within the industry, who work state of the art equipment and processes. This garantuees perfect functionality of components and systems produced at our facilities.

NEM's philosophy has always been quality driven, with the customer first in mind. At NEM we understand that human capital is the most important resource and main reason for our joint success. Our company believes in people, in their talents and their personal expertise.